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Convict Women's Press Inc.

Publishers of fine books on the lives of convict women transported to colonial Australia

We are a not-for-profit publishing company dedicated to publishing history books about nineteenth century female convicts transported from Britain to colonial Australia.

Our award-winning authors and editors bring the experiences of convict women and their families to life through meticulous archival research. Many of our writers are members of the Female Convicts Research Centre Inc., a Tasmanian-based global research organisation made up of thousands of family historians and researchers.


Welcome to the Convict Women’s Press online shop

Convict Lives at the Cascades Female Factory (Vol. 2)

Format: Paperback, (colour plates).

Edition: 1st Edition of Volume 2.

Published 2018.  Pages: 200.

ISBN: 978-0-9943859-1-8.

Convict Lives at the Cascades Female Factory (Volume 2) is the fifth book in the Convict Lives series, featuring the fascinating lives of 29 female
convicts who spent time in the Cascades Female Factory, between 1829 and 1855.  Edited by Alison Alexander and Alice Meredith Hodgson.


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Convict Women's Press:


Cascades vol 2 cover

Convict Lives at the Cascades Female Factory (Volume 2)

The second volume to tell the dramatic stories of some of the female convicts who passed through the Cascades Female Factory

Launched 22nd April 2018.

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